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Video clips available here:
  • Countdown to the Final Episode -- This is the 1/2 hour show that aired before the final episode in 1993. It was largely a look behind the scenes at the making of the final episodes with some interviews and other snippets.
    (23 mins; AVI/DivX format; 116.13 MB)
  • Final Episode Retrospective -- This is the hour long show that aired after the final episode in 1993. It contained interviews with various cast members and clips from memorable scenes/episodes. Note: in addition to the expected minor skips and static, there is about a minute of badly damaged recording from about 37:59 to 39:10 in this clip (you can still hear much of the audio over the bad video so I left it in).
    (49 mins; AVI/DivX format; 250 MB)
  • Terence and Rosemary's wedding -- includes the wedding, the goodbyes at the end, and the photo retrospective
    (9 mins; AVI/DivX format; 39.66 MB)


(1) These video clips were captured from old video tapes on an old VCR. Therefore, the quality is not perfect. The final episode special clips in particular were captured from NTSC tapes that were copies of PAL tapes that were themselves copies of someone's personal tape of the final night (in other words, from a copy of a copy of an original taped-from-TV). You may see skips, pops, static, sudden loss of colour in sections, or other quality issues with the video and/or audio.

(2) The bandwidth for this site, though set quite high, is throttled so that I don't go over my monthly allotment. In the unlikely event that you get a bandwidth-exceeded error when you try to download a file, it just means that too many people got to it before you did this month -- you'll have to wait until next month to grab it.

(3) In order to better control the bandwidth consumption, this site also doesn't permit linking directly to any of the files here. If you want to point people towards any of the files here, you'll need to point them to this HTML page. Thanks.